Damao Cibran is a Romanian menswear  brand founded in 2015 by Damian Mihai . His mission is to create perfect unique styles for urban men with a an individual taste, consciously separated from the mainstream. Damao Cibran is about clothing for people who love neutral colours and for those who find beauty in darkness and perfection lines .

The identity of the brand is build upon a concept of creation ,which is the exil of human being designed in a specific direction.


Our mission is to create unique clothes and shoes for unique people !


Damian Mihai

Founder Damao Cibran

Email: damian@damaocibran.com

Graduate University Of Art Bucharest

Through clothing, Damian is trying to transfer their moods and experiences focusing on the positive things in his life. He likes to combine his passion for drums with art of designing clothes, and through this merger wants to highlight professional skills.

Giuliano Sabau

Founder Giuliano Sabau Shoes

Email: Giuliano@damaocibran.com

Graduate University Of Art London

Giuliano Sabau is an Romanian designer born in 1990 in Oradea.He was born into a family of shoemakers and he started working in the family business . After graduating from school, he started  own design studio in 2009 with his mainline Giuliano Sabau Shoes .

Selected materials, careful skilled craftsmanship and innovative approaches to cuts and construction make up the basis for Preach.

Giuliano is recognized for knowledge of classic shoemaking with his  unique style ,but also for his last collection of boots.